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Marble Surface

Senior and Artist Connections Program (SAACP)

The COVID-19 crisis has lead MFH to jumpstarting our new Seniors and Artists Connections Program (SAACP). We found that in the rapidly changing world climate, extreme stress is being put on isolated seniors and recently unemployed local artists. This program pairs a young artist with an isolated senior of similar interests. Our goal is to provide ongoing companionship for those who cannot access their daily routine and social community activities. Our senior living community partners have already reached out to us for virtual programming. The program comes at no cost to the senior, but provides a small job to an artist, plus an invaluable relationship with intergenerational connections. We have had amazing stories of the human and art connections MFH has been able to provide deeply affecting individuals lives. One participant wrote, “the listener is transported to the soul of their emotional body. Every creation provides respite from the realities, pressures, projections and obligations often plaguing our nervous systems. We are guided to a place where we are reminded of our own ability to reset through the positive frequencies music can create“.

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